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Founded in 2012 Whole Design Studios is a Shopify marketing agency focused on fashion and luxury businesses. We work with 125+ fashion, apparel, cosmetics, jewelry and luxury brands monthly.

Our team of 45+ marketers are experts in social media marketing and advertising (with a focus on Instagram & Facebook), SEO & CRO.

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Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Due to rapid innovation in technology, the ecommerce and marketing industries are changing fast. Because of this, if you want to survive and thrive as an ecommerce business in today’s modern internet landscape you need to stay ahead of the curve. The best way to do that is to work with a company and team who already embrace future work models.

Get The Best Shopify Marketing Experts

We’re a 100% remote team, we have no commute time mostly working from home, this means better staff productivity as our working environments are built to be proactive not reactive (no one interrupts each other). Without fixed offices we can also hire the best people from anywhere in the world. With Whole Design Studios you can get team members in your timezone with your native language. Our staff happiness is through the roof.

The best toolkit to power your ecommerce marketing growth.

Because we’re a remote business we need the best tools to collaborate and get work done. We use Slack, Asana and the Google apps suite to power our work and your ecommerce business. When it comes to marketing tools we love Ahrefs, Smartly, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision App, Hotjar, Later & Optimizely.

As a forward thinking Shopify marketing agency, we’ve productized all of our monthly services to create better results for you and your brands.

No time spent quoting, we get to work from day one.

Because we iterate on your services monthly across multiple brands we have time to perfect our standard operating procedures and best practices, meaning you get the biggest ROI possible when working with us.

With productized services there are no additional fees, hidden costs or scary hourly billing. You know exactly what you get each month and can cancel anytime.

Our services scale with you, as you grow with our help you can simply upgrade your plan and invest in more monthly growth.

At any point you can pause and then reactivate your account with no fees, complicated contracts or arguments.

As thought leaders in the ecommerce industry we are helping to educate other agencies and marketers on how to grow Shopify businesses and fast.

To help entrepreneurs and business grow we teach, through teaching we learn and grow and so does our community.

Our communities and professional online training:

Giles Thomas


Giles is a conversion rate optimization expert and founder of ecommerce growth agency Whole Design Studios. Also founder of AcquireConvert.com, and head marketing mentor at the Google Launchpad Accelerator, Giles has built an ever-growing portfolio of internet companies and helped countless other entrepreneurs achieve marketing and conversion optimization success.

Emil Lamprecht


Undeniably a ‘builder of businesses’, Emil’s intensely customer-focused approach to product design, marketing and conversions makes him the ultimate weapon for cracking growth. Now CXO at Whole Design Studios, his history includes starting multiple businesses of his own, program design for Google, and social enterprise development across eastern Europe.

Josh Watts

Creative Director

Expert in problem solving & creative thinking. Josh strives to lead our team of designers to break boundaries & conventions in user experience & interface design.

Melissa Kramer

Head Writer

Melissa comes from a diverse background in advertising and PR, founding 3 fashion businesses in Australia, then later providing expertise as a copy and internationalization specialist for tech startups and lifestyle blogs across Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Adam Senior

Account Director

Adam is a detailed oriented UI designer with pixel perfect designs. He is a fantastic communicator with great project management and organizational skills. He has a deep interest in UX pertaining to Shopify and ecommerce.

Klemen Lorber

Head of PPC

Klemen is a Facebook, Instagram and Adwords specialist. With a holistic view on digital advertising and a great understanding of customer decision journeys.

Jeff Couret

Head of SEO

Jeff is a Shopify SEO expert with 15 years experience in the industry. He subscribes to the Brian Dean school of SEO and is a great fit for any Shopify or Plus store looking to grow through increased organic traffic.

Tim Berce

Head of Email Marketing

Tim is an expert in Maichimp & Klaviyo. He has been creating killer email automations, campaigns and segmentations at Whole since 2016.

Angelo Lo Presti

Head of Instagram

Angelo is a talented creative who can turn his eye to almost any design format. He is an expert in Instagram marketing for ecommerce brands and is the co-author of RisePro.co.

Emils Veveris

Head of CRO

Emils is a certified ConversionXL Optimizer having completed 160+ hours of rigorous CRO training. Through a lot of trial and error, books, courses, and experiments he gained a good understanding of what works, what doesn’t and how to use that to turn more visitors into customers.


Peter Premuzic

Facebook Marketer

Peter creates and iterates on our internal standard operating procedures for the PPC department. He makes sure we have great customer service and most importantly that our clients campaigns are increasingly profitable.

Jeremy Richter

Facebook Marketer

Jeremy is an expert in lead and sale acquisition through Facebook & Instagram. Using Smartly to build complex retargeting and dynamic ad campaigns to grow your business.

Rory Hughes

Facebook Marketer

Rory is a Facebook & Instagram ads rockstar. His detailed work and passion for results make him one of our top experts. He loves to cook and is really fun to work with.

Ted Amiel Frias

Social Growth Marketer

Ted has helped to increase online traffic via various social media platforms for companies in Thailand, Australia, Italy, and the U.S. He has a keen eye for detail and is skilled in creating collaborative partnerships, which increase attention and followers for businesses.

Lea Skrubej

Facebook Marketer

Lea is a detailed orientated Facebook & Instagram ads expert. She has a deep understanding of fashion marketing and DPA retargeting.

Susy Peddie

Writer & Content Editor

Susy is an experienced writer and editor who’s worked with a huge range of organisations, from small nonprofit and startups, to established tech companies. Through roles in marketing and PR she’s honed her skills at creating, optimising, and refining online content.

Sarah Jornsay-Silverberg

Writer & Content Editor

Sarah is an experienced writer with a background in law and linguistics. She has written on a wide range of topics for a broad audience, and has worked with several different organizations including international NGOs, small marketing firms, and health blogs. Her legal expertise has helped refine her research and writing skills, resulting in the production of online content that is persuasive, informative, and engaging.

Derek Snow


Conversion rate optimization expert with a maniacal focus on the customer and a drive for understanding why customers say yes. Expert in developing and enhancing brand value proposition as well as UX and customer experience.

Nina Jordan

UI Designer

Nina is a detailed talented & orientated UI designer. Her experience with ecommerce store design & optimization makes her a great fit for anyone looking to set up, redesign or replatform on Shopify.