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The top 1k ecommerce stores in the US market make 25% of their revenue from email

So if you’re looking to grow your ecommerce business with Shopify email marketing, email automations and segmentation are the best way to drive revenue from your list.

Get a personal Klaviyo expert that manages every part of your campaigns from $599 USD per month, cancel anytime

Our email marketing service for Shopify

We'll increase your visitor to lead conversion rates, grow your list and increase revenue.

Email List Growth

Weekly Newsletters


Shopify email automation

When it comes to ecommerce email marketing services, we know that automations drive the most potential revenue from your email list.

When we say email automation, we mean setting up emails that are automatically triggered by customer behaviour to drive sales into your Shopify store.

Newsletters vs automation

When you compare single emails vs email automation series, you’ll see that automations drive more revenue.

  • For welcome series 3 emails 90% more orders
  • Cart abandonment series 3 emails drive 64% more orders
  • Win-back 3 emails drive 75% more customer reactivation

What you get


4 X Newsletters per month (weekly campaigns)

Automations (Flows):

Flows X 5

  • Welcomes series
  • Cart abandonment
  • Cart abandonment on messenger with OctaneAI
  • Browse abandonment 
  • Thank you
  • Product review request

Pop up X 2

  • Site wide
  • Exit intent


  • Site wide discount
  • Exit intent discount 

2 X 30 min call per month

Email template set up X 1 (month 1)

Most customers to grow plan month 1 and lite plan ongoing thereafter.

How it works

Sign up

Choose between our email lite or email grow plan and sign up.

Campaign Creation

We’ll plan your email marketing strategy. Segment your lists and start create your automations and newsletter campaigns.


We’ll start sending and optimizing your automations and newsletters, driving more revenue to your business.

What do we need to get started?

When you sign up you get a detailed kick-off email that showing you step by step how to share your accounts, images, videos and ideas with us. To get started we need access to Shopify, your email tools and Google Analytics.

Who will be I working with?

You get access to an ecommerce email expert. You get two 30 minute video chat calls a month with your expert and access to our head of email Tim Berce.

Review our work before we start

You’ll get to review your campaigns before we send. We’ll make you have stunning campaigns that grab attention and that your copy follows brand voice guidelines; imbuing the right feelings on your visitor.

How long until the campaigns are launched?

Automations are launched about 2 weeks from the time you sign up.

Benefits of working with Whole.

Everything Managed For You

Your expert will perform all the tasks needed to manage successful email campaigns. From audience research, copy creation and monthly optimization & reporting. That way you can focus on your business.

Weekly Updates & Monthly Reports

Forget about all those hours wasted in Google Analytics. We’ll track and report on all your key business metrics and send you weekly updates and monthly reports.

Transparent Pricing

Starting from just $599 USD per month cancel anytime, you get access to your personal account manager, no hourly rates, no long-term contracts and no hidden fees.

Shopify Email Marketing Case Studies

How long will it take to be profitable?
How long will it take to be profitable?

There are a few determining factors that influence time to profitability when it comes to email marketing. As a rule of thumb, it takes 3 months to find and optimize profitable campaigns. This can be faster if you check all these boxes.

i. You have at least 2k emails

If you already have 2k person email list, that has been recently emailed and kept active, you’re in a good spot. We can start to drive revenue to your Shopify store with automations from month 1.

ii. The emails are from lead or customers from your website

The emails need to be from relevant and high-quality traffic sources and have been collected from your website (preferably with a double opt-in sequence). If the emails are from Amazon or another marketplace or if they are from a low-quality traffic source then it is likely they will underperform.

iii. Product/market fit

Your products need to have the correct positioning in your market, industry or niche and appeal to your typical customer. You can have a great product and still struggle to sell it to the wrong person with the wrong value proposition.

iv. Past historic data

If you have past data in your account from previous campaigns. We can analyse this data to inform your campaigns. This often allows us to reach profitability faster..

About Whole Design Studios

Founded in 2012 Whole Design Studios is a Shopify design & marketing agency. Focused on growing ecommerce businesses. We work with 100+ brands monthly. Our team of 35+ designers & marketers are experts in Shopify growth.

  • Productized services
  • Monthly cancel anytime, transparent pricing
  • Scalable plan tiers to grow with you
  • No hidden fees or hourly rates
  • Modern tooling and robust standard operating procedures
Your global agency

We are a fully remote business founded in London, UK. We work with brands from the US, Australia, UK, EU and more. Our team works from 10+ countries across the world and originates from the US, UK & EU.

ROI is at the root of the decisions and advice we present

As an e-commerce business owner or marketer, you have to choose which sales channels or processes to invest in, and at what time. If you are unsure of what to focus on for your business, talk with our CEO, Giles to get a personalized recommendation and free consultation.

Choose your monthly ad spend and plan tier

Get started today and your Shopify email expert will email you to kick-off your plan same day. We have transparent email agency pricing and cancel anytime monthly plans.


$799 / month

Automations (Flows)

$1499 One time

Email work 4 X Newsletters per month (weekly campaigns)
Set up your email software & integrate with Shopify Yes
Google analytics set up Yes
Weekly updates Yes
Monthly reports Yes
30-Minute video calls Two per month
Email support Yes
Email work Klaviyo set up, 5 X flows, pop ups, discounts, email template
Set up your email software & integrate with Shopify Yes
Google analytics set up Yes
Weekly updates Yes
Monthly reports Yes
30-Minute video calls Two per month
Email support Yes
Should I improve my conversion rates first?

If you want to improve your conversion rates and Shopify theme UX design before you start investing in more traffic, we’ve got you covered. We have a $99 website optimization review service for small businesses and monthly CRO services for stores with more than 1k transactions per month.

Learn more here

More questions?

Want to sign up to multiple monthly services or simply to chat first? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Send us a message

  • Can I speak with someone before I purchase?

    If you have any questions about our services, want to make sure you purchase the right one or need help finding one that would be best for you, we can certainly help!

  • Can I speak to any of your past clients?

    Yes, we offer referrals introductions to brands on grow plan tiers or above.

  • Do you do all the work?

    Yes, this is a fully managed service. We simply need account access and sign off on work.

  • How do you charge?

    Our fees are based on a monthly retainer. See pricing tables above.

  • Do you outsource any work?

    No, we never outsource and have intensive training and standard operating procedures.

  • What happens when I upgrade or downgrade?

    If you want to change your service plan tier, you can pay the difference between your current tier and the upgraded tier price and start the same day. Or you can wait until the next month starts, then upgrade at this time. If you want to downgrade you have to wait until the end of the current month, we do not offer pro-rata refunds on downgrades.

  • How long will it take to get results?

    With typical campaigns, you can expect to see results in the first 3 months.

  • Do you offer guarantees?

    We cannot offer guarantees, the same as any other respectable agency. If we could we’d all be sipping mai tai’s together.

  • Do I have to use a credit card?

    No, you can also pay via a bank transfer.

  • What should my budget be?

    Typical ecommerce businesses spend 10-15% of monthly gross revenue back into marketing.

  • What tools do you use?

    Klaviyo, Mailchimp, OctaneAI, Recart and more.

  • What time zone are you in?

    We’re a remote business so time zones differ, our email team in the EU.

  • Can you give me an estimate ROI?

    With our email marketing services, if you have 2k emails or more, most brands are profitable in the first month (or after 1 month of automations being live).