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Custom Shopify theme design & development services for ecommerce brands

  • Custom theme design
  • Ecommerce UX design best practices
  • Optimized for high conversion rates
  • SEO Ready
  • Fast page load times and site speed
  • Mobile-first design
  • Responsive design for all devices and screen sizes
  • Ongoing marketing and design support

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Experienced in all project types


If you’re looking to move from a legacy ecommerce platform to Shopify, we can help! We’ve migrated stores from Magento, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce and more. We’ll even help tackle SEO migration.

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If you need to redesign and optimize your Shopify store, we’ll help you build in all the ecommerce best practices needed to increase conversion rates and profits.

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New brand

As a new brand on Shopify, we’ve got packages to help you get started with an affordable custom theme. Keeping Shopify app costs to a minimum while you scale up.

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Shopify Plus

If you need help with Shopify plus, we’re experienced in replatforming, data migration, custom features and app development. Warehouse and ERP integration, multi-store synching, multi-currency and multi-language. Google analytics, tag manager and data studio setup. Including full PCI and GDPR compliance.

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How it Works

  1. Select your project type, feature add-ons and Shopify apps
  2. Hand over assets to us and book your kick-off call
  3. Get regular updates and feedback with your account manager as we design and launch your site

How long does a project take?

Our theme launch process is split up into 3 phases. Design, development & quality assurance. Typically a new brand with our Foundation package will take around 4 weeks for design, 4 weeks for development and 2-4 weeks for quality assurance. So 3 months in total. If you are replatforming, adding complex custom features or launching a Shopify Plus store; project times will be longer and more varied.

What do we need to get started?

Once we’ve scoped out the project with you, you’ll hand over copy and design assets. To start we need at least a draft of your copy and lifestyle image assets. If we’re writing your copy or sourcing imagery for you, then we simply get started.

Benefits of working with Whole.

Everything Managed For You

You want to improve your website conversion rates and sales, but you’re busy running your business. We take care of your Shopify design & development project so you can focus on growth.

Clear timelines and deliverables

Your project will have clear milestones for delivery. If there is scope creep, we’ll clearly communicate new timelines for when your store will launch.

Account manager feedback & updates

Work with a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact for your project. Ensuring peace of mind and clear communication throughout the design & development process.

Ecommerce best practices as standard

We’ve spent the last 12 years A/B testing high traffic & transaction volume ecommerce stores. So we know what works when it comes to ecommerce design best practices. We’ll build in all the elements you need for each page template to ensure high conversion rates. Getting more people to buy is our #1 priority in your Shopify theme project.

Transparent Pricing

Most Shopify expert partners and agencies don’t show their pricing on their website. This is so they can test higher pricing on larger businesses. We have all our pricing transparent and upfront, no hidden fees, hourly rates or unexpected bills. Get a clear picture of cost and deliverables from day #1.

Our Shopify Theme Design & Development Process

The first step is to understand your project type and scope. Once we plan all your features it’s time to get started. Learn more about our design and development process below.

Designed in Sketch

We create your website designs in Sketch. Widely considered the leading design tool in 2024. We create designs for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. So you can see and understand the user experience across devices types and screen sizes before we commence development work. We include all the ecommerce best practices needed to ensure high conversion rates.

Design feedback with Invision

For design feedback and iteration we use Invision. Invision is the leading tool for design commenting and collaboration. No messy emails or time-consuming annotations, just click and collaborate.

Save 20% of development fees with Zeplin

When handing over design files to our development team we use Zeplin. This saves around 20% in development time and costs which are handed over to you in our pricing. Zeplin allows the developer access to machine written CSS for all design elements. Meaning a lot of time efficiency when writing your CSS.

Robust browser & device testing

We take responsive design seriously and test your code base in all the modern browsers across common device types. We use BrowserStack for robust remote browser testing and device emulation.

Fast page load times as standard

Because we know page load times are really important. Fast loading themes come as standard. If you use a lot of apps or are a Shopify plus store, you can also sign up to our Shopify speed optimization service. For those looking for perfection in page load times.

SEO Ready

Our themes development process includes coding up all the meta tags as needed for on-page SEO best practices. We can also include rich snippets for reviews and other metadata as needed.

Internal & External Quality Assurance Process

We have a 4 step quality assurance process for all Shopify themes. Two internal rounds of quality assurance for bug fixes and preparation for handover. Then two rounds of external quality assurance with you to ensure you’re ready to use and happy to launch. We use Trello kanbans for development bug ticketing.

About Whole Design Studios

Founded in 2012 Whole Design Studios is a Shopify design & marketing agency. Focused on growing ecommerce businesses. We work with 100+ brands monthly. Our team of 35+ designers & marketers are experts in Shopify growth.

  • Productized services
  • Monthly cancel anytime, transparent pricing
  • Scalable plan tiers to grow with you
  • No hidden fees or hourly rates
  • Modern tooling and robust standard operating procedures
Your global agency

We are a fully remote business founded in London, UK. We work with brands from the US, Australia, UK, EU and more. Our team works from 10+ countries across the world and originates from the US, UK & EU.

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