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Install Meta pixel for Shopify

  • Done-for-you service
  • Comes with testing & reporting as standard
  • Works for any Shopify store plan

How it works

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Sign up and we'll send you the kick-off email same day. We'll request access to your Shopify store via Shopify partners. You'll send us access to Meta business account admin as needed. If you don't have those accounts, we can show you how.

Meta pixel set up

We'll conduct your pixel and event / conversion set up.

Meta pixel report

We'll send you the report from your assistant to show you your pixel is functioning as expected.

We'll set up your Meta pixel

In this service we’ll set up your Meta pixel for Shopify.

Track conversions

We’ll make sure events and conversion track properly for Shopify.

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Founded in 2012 Whole Design Studios is a Shopify design & marketing agency. Focused on growing ecommerce businesses. We work with 100+ brands monthly. Our team of 35+ designers & marketers are experts in Shopify growth.

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We are a fully remote business founded in London, UK. We work with brands from the US, Australia, UK, EU and more. Our team works from 10+ countries across the world and originates from the US, UK & EU.

Set up your Meta pixel

Done-for-you service that works for any Shopify plan

Meta pixel for Shopify set up service


Done-for-you serviceYes
Comes with testing & reporting as standardYes
Works for any Shopify store planYes

No hourly rates No hidden fees Cancel anytime

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