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As a business owner who has received an email concerning DMARC, it’s important for you to update your DMARC record. This is particularly crucial if your subscriber base exceeds 5,000 or if you use Shopify to send order emails.

Dmarc Services

This easy-to-use DMARC setup service caters to Shopify store owners and Klaviyo users who might not have extensive technical knowledge or familiarity with email authentication processes. In light of recent updates by Gmail and Yahoo, it’s vital to take immediate action. This ensures that your branded emails, such as [email protected], are reliably delivered to your customers’ inboxes instead of being misdirected to junk or spam folders.

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Set up your Shopify & Klaviyo Dmarc

Done-for-you Service

Set up your Shopify & Klaviyo Dmarc


Effortless DMARC Record SetupYes
Authenticate Your Email Addresses EasilyYes
Email Deliverability ComplianceYes
Unlimited email supportYes

No hourly rates No hidden fees Cancel anytime

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