Conversion Rate Optimization Experts


Giles Thomas


Giles is a conversion rate optimization expert and founder of ecommerce growth agency Whole Design Studios. Also founder of, and head marketing mentor at the Google Launchpad Accelerator, Giles has built an ever-growing portfolio of internet companies and helped countless other entrepreneurs achieve marketing and conversion optimization success.

Emil Lamprecht


Undeniably a ‘builder of businesses’, Emil’s intensely customer-focused approach to product design, marketing and conversions makes him the ultimate weapon for cracking growth. Now CXO at Whole Design Studios, his history includes starting multiple businesses of his own, program design for Google, and social enterprise development across eastern Europe.

Josh Watts


Expert in problem solving & creative thinking. Josh strives to lead our team of designers to break boundaries & conventions in user experience & interface design.

Melissa Kramer

Head Writer

Melissa comes from a diverse background in advertising and PR, founding 3 fashion businesses in Australia, then later providing expertise as a copy and internationalization specialist for tech startups and lifestyle blogs across Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Angelo Lo Presti

UX Designer

Angelo is a talented creative who can turn his eye to almost any design format. He has an in-depth knowledge of UX processes and research methodologies.

Emils Veveris


Emils Veveris is a conversion optimization consultant. Back in 2011, he grew tired of the corporate world and started his entrepreneurial journey. Through a lot of trial and error, books, courses, and experiments he gained a good understanding of what works, what doesn’t and how to use that to turn more visitors into customers. Since then, Emils has helped a number of internet businesses improve their website's conversion rate and, more importantly, profits.

Stefano Viegas


Conversion optimization expert & UX fan. Stefano matches his speed and ability to bring quick and effective changes to your ecommerce store.

Joshua Bretag


A modern renaissance man. And it’s precisely this multi-disciplinary character that makes him so startlingly effective. He analyzes marketing problems through the eyes of an engineer. While tackling technology challenges with entrepreneurial focus. Seeing solutions his narrower minded competitors might miss.

Wouter Hemel


"Don't assume anything." Wouter is a result oriented Conversion Optimisation and Growth expert. With his background in psychology, he bases his optimising strategy on scientific research, combined with client specific qualitative and quantitative data. Wouter has started his first successful online startup when he was 15, and has been expanding his knowledge of conversion optimisation and Growth tactics for the past 13 years.

Ilya Shutka


Ilia is a conversion optimization consultant. He brings a wealth of guidance and a strategic vision to every client he works with. Ilia believes that the perfect product is never attainable but constantly optimizable.

Michael Duda

Conversion Copywriter

Synthesising ideas and technology. Michael is dedicated to finding the right words to fit your thoughts & can help you to discover your own meaning.

Jeremy Richter

Marketing Manager

Jeremy is an account manager and marketing lead. Jeremy knows social inside out, he can improve your account engagement, click through rates and social sales conversions.

Fernando Ifrán

UX Designer

Fernando is a branding and UX design expert, specializing in fashion ecommerce UX & UI design.

Lucas Szarzynski

Full Stack Developer

Lucas is a former graphic designer now turned full-stack developer who focus on delivering the highest quality code. Thanks to his 10 years of experience he can code pretty much anything. When Lucas is not glued to a computer screen, he spends time making his famous sushi rolls or experimenting with international cuisines.

R Paulin-Daigle


Andre Johnson


Ted Amiel Frias

Instagram Growth Marketer

Ted uses little known tactics to grow fashion ecommerce instagram accounts. building huge followings and driving traffic to your ecommerce store.