Shopify legal template pack: How it works


Welcome to your new Google tag manager set up service at Whole Design Studios.

To ensure our work together goes smoothly we have prepared some additional information below about your new service and how it works

Please read through the below points and feel free to email us with any questions.


We know great communication is at the core of a successful relationship.

To ensure we get the best results possible from your project we need to listen to you and communicate well with each other.

Contact emails

Your first point of contact is Klemen. You can email him at [email protected].

Your final point of contact is our CEO Giles Thomas, you can email him at [email protected].


No call time is offered in this service.

Service Process

Here is a recap of our process as outlined in your kick-off email.

1. Contract

We have sent you the contract to sign via SignNow app in a new email chain. Please sign before we commence work.

Once you sign the contract, Klemen will automatically be notified.

2. Shopify theme access

If you are a concurrent customer and we already have store access please ignore step 3.

We will send you a request via Shopify experts ‘managed stores’ via email. Please accept the email request and give us full access.

If you can’t find the email please search in your Gmail or equivalent for subject: ‘View request by Whole Design Studios to access your store’. You can also accept the request via your Shopify dashboard.

3. Google access

Please grant access to your Google analytics, Google search console and Google tag manager account for the email ‘[email protected]’.

If you are not clear on how to do that, here are some guides. Google analyticssearch consoletag manager.

4. Required Snippets for GTM

Please reply to this email with a list of the snippets you’d like to include in Google tag manager. Please send the snippets in a Google doc clearly marked (or a Word doc if ya like).


You will receive a simple report on completion of the service.

The report will be in the form of a screenshot from Google tag assistant to show the service is complete and successful.

Live chat

Because we are all busy working on growing your ecommerce businesses we don’t offer live chat. This includes Whatsapp, Skype chat, Slack channels or texts.

This is because most meetings can be solved with a simple email, this is faster and more efficient, it also means we spend more of the time you’re paying for on work rather than admin.

This is at the core of everything we do, we try to automate and standardise all our internal processes to save time wasted on admin, which we can then use to grow your profits.

This is also because if messages are spread across multiple channels outside of email then they may get lost or forgotten, this can be dangerous and cause confusion and missed communications.


Escalate problems to our CEO Giles Thomas.


This is a one time service, we do not offer refunds.