PPC: How It Works


Welcome to your new PPC management service at Whole Design Studios.

To ensure our work together goes smoothly we have prepared some additional information below about your new service and how it works.

Please read through the below points and feel free to email us with any questions.


We know great communication is at the core of a successful relationship.

To ensure we get the best results possible from your Facebook marketing campaigns we need to listen to you and communicate well with each other.

Contact emails

Your first point of contact is your account manager .

Your second point of contact is Klemen the head of PPC, you can email him at [email protected].

Your final point of contact is our CEO Giles Thomas, you can email him at [email protected].

Monthly Calls

Included in your monthly service is two 30 minute strategy calls. Used for planning, to discuss strategy and analyse results.

You can book your two monthly calls with their Calendly link.

For the calls we use the app:


This is a similar app to Skype but doesn’t require us to share usernames, simply a link, much faster and easier. It also has a mobile app and works on mobile browsers if you are out and about.

Live Chat

Because we are all busy working on growing your ecommerce businesses we don’t offer live chat. This includes Whatsapp, Skype chat, Slack channels or texts.

This is because most meetings can be solved with a simple email, this is faster and more efficient, it also means we spend more of the time you’re paying for on profit optimization rather than admin.

This is at the core of everything we do, we try to automate and standardise all our internal processes to save time wasted on admin, which we can then use to grow your profits.

This is also because if messages are spread across multiple channels outside of email then they may get lost or forgotten, this can be dangerous and cause confusion and missed communications.

How to escalate a problem

If you have a problem please email your accounts manager, escalated problems to our head of paid marketing Klemen. Further to this you can email our CEO Giles Thomas.

Account Updates

As an entrepreneur we know that you need to stay up to date on what’s happening in your business.

With this in mind we will be sending you weekly updates emails that inform you on the status of your account status and KPIs.


Additional to your weekly updates you will also receive monthly reports.

These will show in more detail the results of your campaigns, revenues, costs and profits.

They will also explain the next steps and changes to strategy as advised by your expert.

How it works

New traffic from Google

Acquisition campaigns bring new visitors to your site.

Unlike Facebook ads, Google ads are shown to users at the exact time they show interest in a product or category.

We choose ‘buying intent’ keywords that are relevant to your product & services. That way we know people are already interested in your niche and looking to buy something.

Retargeting with the Facebook network

We create DPA (dynamic product ads) for retargeting.

These are ads that are shown to people who come to your site and leave without buying.

The ads are powerful and generate a lot of sales because they are customized to each individual visitor depending on the actions they take on the site. We can record when a user: Views a collection, Views a product, Adds a product to cart. We then customize the ad creative, collection, product and copy to match their actions.

Not only this, we track how since they’ve visited your website and show the right message at the right time to re-engage the visitor and get the cheapest possible cost per acquisition.

How long does it take to get results?

There are 4 determining factors that influence time to profitability when it comes to ads. As a rule of thumb, it takes 3 months to find and optimize profitable campaigns. This can be faster if you check all these boxes.

i. How much organic traffic you get

If you have high-quality traffic from SEO then it is likely you can be profitable from Google ads through remarketing. High-quality organic traffic from Google is driven by keywords that are relevant to your brand and products and have buying intent. ‘Mens boat shoes’ has buying intent, ‘how to wear boat shoes’ has information intent and will convert lower.

ii. Conversion rates

Your conversion rates will affect what percentage of visitors buy from you, and therefore the ROI of your ad campaigns. The average ecommerce conversion rate is around 2.5%. But averages lie, these averages don’t look at location, traffic channels or seasonal skews. Most Shopify stores have around 1% conversion rate, so build this into your expectations.

iii. Product/market fit

Your products need to have the correct positioning in your market, industry or niche and appeal to your typical customer. You can have a great product and still struggle to sell it to the wrong person with the wrong value proposition.

iv. Past historic data

If you have past data in your account from previous campaigns. We can analyse this data to inform your campaigns. This often allows us to reach profitability faster..

Cancellation process

Our services are, monthly, cancel anytime, with no long term commitments. This is because we are confident in our service quality and also want you to feel comfortable in your investment with us.

The fastest way to cancel your account at any time is simply to visit the cancellation page here.

If your next monthly payment is taken from your credit card and you have not completed the cancellation process at the provided link you will not be entitled to a refund. This is because work will already be underway on your account for the following month, preparing creatives and marketing messaging.

If you don’t want to cancel via the above link or cannot please email [email protected], please include your business name, service and wish for cancellation.

We check this email once a week on Fridays, if receipt of the email on said Friday is after your most recent recurring payment date, you will not be eligible for a refund.