[Instagram loop giveaways] Grow your followers 10X overnight & sell more

by Giles ThomasLast updated on October 18, 2019

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What could you do with 230,000 more Instagram followers? In May 2019, Kylie Jenner and Scott Disick participated in a loop giveaway where the prizes were 9 luxury bags and $20,000 cash. The participating brands watched as their profiles gained a whopping 230,000 followers from the promotion. 

While most brands probably don’t have the $20,000 fee to partner with a Kardashian in an Instagram loop giveaway, the results are too staggering not to try it! 

To set up a simple Instagram loop giveaway, you’ll need to: 

  • Partner with 5-40 brands and influencers that can help post about the giveaway. 
  • Assemble a prize with significant value to your followers and your partners’ followers. Your partners may be able to help contribute to the prize package. 
  • All the partners post about the giveaway. 
  • In order to enter, participants will have to follow everyone involved with the giveaway. Note: Instagram now restricts users to following between 50-60 accounts per hour, so your giveaway should require anything past this amount or entries will get Action Blocked on Instagram. 
  • Follow up your giveaway by announcing the winner and offering a followup prize to participants (like a coupon or free resource).

Before you get started with an Instagram loop giveaway, you’ll want to weigh the different options and evaluate your overall benefits and risks for this type of promotion.

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Chapter 1
The Benefits of Hosting an Instagram Loop Giveaway
Chapter 2
The Risks of Hosting an Instagram Loop Giveaway
Chapter 3
Tips for Hosting an Amazing Instagram Loop Giveaway
Chapter 1

The Benefits of Hosting an Instagram Loop Giveaway

  • Instant Follower Growth
  • Reaching New Audiences
  • Networking with Brands and Influencers
  • Remarketing Opportunities

Instant Follower Growth

The chief benefit of Instagram loop giveaways is the follower growth. To enter each Instagram user will have to follow you and your partners in order to complete their entry, so massive growth can occur in the course of a few days. 

These followers are invested in the giveaway and want to see the results, so you’ll also get some increased engagement on the announcements about your giveaway. 

Follower growth through Instagram loop giveaways is a great way to kickstart your Instagram profile, build your following before a big launch or promotion, or elevate your status as an influencer and thought leader within your industry. 

Reaching New Audiences

For each partner in your loop giveaway, you’ll have new audiences that you can reach with your brand’s promotions. Each partner will share about the giveaway with their audience, allowing new people to discover your products.

Each partner’s audience will have the opportunity to follow you and this can help you capitalize on the giveaway to reach new people. Even if they don’t enter the giveaway, they’ll still have heard your brand’s name and may be ready to follow you with the next interaction! 


Networking with Brands and Influencers

In addition to the potential followers, an Instagram loop giveaway is an opportunity to network. When selecting brands and influencers to participate in your loop, you may be able to connect with partners that can help you with future opportunities. Choose brands that complement your own brand and products, and choose influencers that can later help you spread the word about your products in other collaborations. 

Networking with brands and influencers through your loop giveaway can help you start a relationship with them that immediately benefits their follower count. This could later turn into opportunities for co-branded product lines, influencer campaigns, and other collaborations that will have huge impacts on your brand’s overall growth. Taking the time to execute the loop giveaway well through clear communications and easy instructions, will help nurture these brands and influencers so that they’re ready to help out in the future.

A great way to build your network of influencers is through Carro. This free Shopify app helps you discover all the influencers who already love your brand. Whether they are your customers, email subscribers, or fans, Carro reveals your most influential followers so that you can start collaborating. 

Remarketing Opportunities

We’re probably all familiar with the sales funnel. You drop prospects into the top, nurture the leads down the funnel, and they eventually convert into paying customers. An Instagram loop giveaway helps to fill the top of this sales funnel. To nurture them, you’ll want to post content that helps them get to know you. You may also want to post to your Instagram about how to subscribe to your emails or purchase your products. This will help new followers to continue towards a sale. These remarketing efforts are possible because of the follower growth generated from the Instagram loop giveaway. 

You’ll also be able to drive traffic to your site by posting content with Instagram’s swipe up function. This can be a great way to turn new followers into new customers.

Chapter 2

The Risks of Hosting an Instagram Loop Giveaway

  • Decline in Followers After the Giveaway
  • Ineffective Targeting
  • Partners Falling Through

Decline in Followers After the Giveaway

Unfortunately, Instagram followers may not stick around after the giveaway is over. If you’re having them enter a giveaway by following your brand, then they may unfollow as soon as the giveaway is over. Avoid the fallout by providing exceptional content through your Instagram page and by offering additional incentives for sticking around, like exclusive coupon codes or monthly giveaways. 

Ineffective Targeting

If you are reaching each partner’s audiences with your giveaway, do you know who is in their audiences? Does each audience contain your target customer? Each brand and influencer partner for your giveaway should have a following that directly aligns with the people you want to target with your brand. Even if an influencer is posting within your industry and shares a similar aesthetic, they may have an audience that is different from your target market, depending on how they build their audience.

You should have a target customer profile constructed that lists your ideal demographic, including age, gender, interests, location, language, and any other details that will help you target your potential customers. When selecting your partners, their audiences should match and overlap with this customer profile. 

Partners Falling Through

Despite all your best efforts, there’s always a chance that a partner will sign up for your giveaway and not do their part. They’ll be included in the loop and will benefit from all the new followers as well, but they won’t have helped the giveaway at all. One way to curb this is to send reminders to the partners once the giveaway is live to promote it on their Instagrams. Another way to prevent this is to have a contract or agreement in place, so that there is more accountability for the partner’s posts. At the end of the day, you can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to and partners who don’t promote the giveaway will hurt their relationship with all the partners in your giveaway loop, so typically they won’t risk alienating a group of brands and influencers just because they don’t want to share the giveaway.

Chapter 3

Tips for Hosting an Amazing Instagram Loop Giveaway

  • Don’t use Instagram loop giveaways as your only growth tactic.
  • Use the momentum of an Instagram loop giveaway.
  • Follow up with entries.
  • Set clear expectations for partners.

  1. Don’t use Instagram loop giveaways as your only growth tactic. Because of the sudden spikes in growth, and the possible decline after the giveaway has ended, you’ll want to find additional techniques to help you consistently grow your Instagram following. 
  2. Use the momentum of an Instagram loop giveaway. On the last day of your giveaway, you can launch a promotion, new product, or a new giveaway to encourage your new followers to take an action with your brand. 
  3. Follow up with entries. Even if they weren’t a winner, you may want to offer something to everyone who entered. An exclusive discount code that works with all the partner stores, or some other value will help nurture your new followers even more.
  4. Set clear expectations for partners. Partners should know the dates and details of the giveaway well in advance. You’ll also want to specify how you want them posting and promoting the giveaway. This will ensure a smooth-running giveaway where each partner helps to build the giveaway’s momentum.

When considering an Instagram loop giveaway, it’s important to ask “Is this right for my brand?” Weighing the costs and benefits of Instagram loop giveaways can help you construct a promotion that’s just right for you.