Klaviyo List Cleaning Process [2024]

by Giles ThomasLast updated on July 8, 2024

Not all email subscribers have the same needs, and maintaining a clean email list is essential for effective communication and marketing. Regularly reviewing and removing unbeneficial addresses from your email list can significantly improve your email performance. Klaviyo’s list cleansing service is an excellent tool for this purpose.

Benefits of List Cleaning:

  1. Decrease Unsubscribe Rates:
    • Regularly cleaning your list helps maintain an active profile, reducing unsubscribe rates.
  2. Improve IP Reputation:
    • Cleaning your list prevents spam traps and high spam rates, which can damage your IP reputation.
  3. Prevent Blacklisting:
    • Avoid falling into traps that can result in your IP address being blacklisted.

Why Use Klaviyo for List Cleaning?

Klaviyo helps clean your list of inactive or unengaged profiles, maintaining high deliverability. Creating a segment of unengaged profiles and suppressing or deleting them is the first step in list cleansing. Regular list cleaning ensures your emails reach the recipients’ inboxes.

Klaviyo’s List Cleaning Features:

  1. Reduce Unsubscribes:
    • Increase open and click rates by reducing the number of unengaged subscribers.
  2. Customer Retention and Engagement:
    • Send targeted campaigns to re-engage subscribers who are losing interest.
  3. Improve Deliverability Scores:
    • Major email service providers track how recipients respond to your emails. High engagement rates improve your deliverability.
  4. Personalize Content:
    • After cleaning your list, you can personalize content for active and interested customers.

Handling Bounces:

  • Hard Bounces: Emails that cannot be delivered due to permanent issues, like incorrect addresses, are automatically removed by Klaviyo.
  • Soft Bounces: Emails that bounce due to temporary issues, like full inboxes, are suppressed after seven consecutive bounces.

How to Clean Your List on Klaviyo:

  1. Segment Your List:
    • New Customers: Subscribers who signed up in the last six months.
    • Very Active Customers: Customers with over 30% activity.
    • Active Customers: Opened an email in the last three months or made a purchase in the last six months.
    • Fading Away: Opened an email 4-6 months ago but not since.
    • Inactive Customers: Haven’t opened an email or made a purchase in a long time.
  2. Use List Cleaning Services:
    • Services like DataValidation and BriteVerify handle opt-outs, bounces, and incorrect emails.
  3. Re-engagement Campaign:
    • Send a 2-3 email campaign asking inactive subscribers to confirm their interest. Remove those who do not respond.
  4. Adjust Email Frequency:
    • Consider sending fewer emails to subscribers who aren’t opening them.
  5. Remove Inactive Subscribers:
    • After attempting re-engagement, remove inactive subscribers from your list.


Regular list cleaning is crucial for maintaining a healthy email list, improving engagement, and ensuring deliverability. By using Klaviyo’s list cleaning tools and following best practices, you can enhance your email marketing effectiveness and stay ahead of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Klaviyo List Cleaning?
    • Klaviyo allows you to clean your list of inactive or unengaged profiles to maintain high deliverability.
  2. Why is List Cleaning Important?
    • It helps decrease unsubscribe rates, improve IP reputation, and prevent blacklisting.
  3. How Often Should I Clean My List?
    • It varies by business, but generally, if someone hasn’t read your emails in the last 25 days, consider removing them.