Keyword Research Tactic #3: Google Related Keywords

by Giles ThomasLast updated on January 12, 2024

Shopify SEO Course ↗️ > Unit 2 > Lesson 4 > Keyword Research Tactic #3: Google Related Keywords

Google offers a section of related keywords for search users who do not find the content they want. You can search for keywords related to your online store on Google and scroll down to the bottom of the first page of search results to see these related keywords.


In some cases, the results won’t be as helpful. That’s why you will want to try a few different keywords from your keyword research list to find the best related keywords via Google.


As you can see, Google Suggest and Related Keywords will both reveal long tail keywords related to your original search term. Google Related Keywords will tend to offer keywords that don’t always start with your search term, which can be useful for your keyword research list.