Keyword Rank Tracking

by Giles ThomasLast updated on January 15, 2024

Shopify SEO Course ↗️ > Unit 3 > Lesson 6 > Keyword Rank Tracking

Last, but not least, you will want to have a free keyword rank checker tool to keep track of whether your website ranks in search results for specific keywords. To use it, simply enter the keyword(s) you are targeting along with your Shopify store’s URL.




You can use this tool once a month and log the results in a spreadsheet to keep track of whether your website’s ranking for particular keywords begins to increase or decrease, along with the page that ranks for the keyword in search results. It’s important to keep track of this information as you can use it to find out if your SEO strategy is helping you increase your rankings in search results.


It can also help you determine whether the right pages (or the pages you want) are ranking for the keyword and, if not, how to optimize the page that is ranking to complete the goal you want (such as making a purchase) from the page that ranks for a particular keyword.