How to Find Content Submission Opportunities on Other Websites

by Giles ThomasLast updated on January 15, 2024

Shopify SEO Course ↗️ > Unit 5 > Lesson 4 > How to Find Content Submission Opportunities on Other Websites

If you’re at the stage where you want to start submitting content to other blogs and publications in your industry, you can find great opportunities using the following Google search combinations. Just replace keyword with your target keyword or broader keyword phrases.

“guest post by” intitle:keyword
“guest author” intitle:keyword
“guest post guidelines” intitle:keyword
“guest blogging guidelines” intitle:keyword
“guest author guidelines” intitle:keyword
“guest posting guidelines” intitle:keyword
“guest bloggers wanted” intitle:keyword
“guest writers wanted” intitle:keyword
“contributor guidelines” intitle:keyword
“writers wanted” intitle:keyword
“bloggers wanted” intitle:keyword

For example, a search for “guest post by” intitle:jeans brings up the following websites, all of which accept content submissions from outside contributors about jeans.


As you browse these websites, be sure to note the following.

  • The topics, length, and formatting of content submitted by outside contributors.
  • Links to guidelines for content submitted by outside contributors.
  • The most popular topics on the blog or publication.

The latter can be determined by using tools like BuzzSumo. As a free user, you can see the top few posts based on social shares for the last year.


This will give you a feel for the topics the website owner or editor will most likely to have as they are topics that are proven to be popular with their audience.