Custom Shopify Theme: Foundation Package

Foundation Package

Our custom Shopify themes are built from our Foundation package. Foundation is all the page templates and elements needed to have a functioning and high converting Shopify store. Here are the page templates included in our Foundation package that comes as standard with every custom Shopify theme project.

Let’s learn about each element of the foundation package in more detail:

Home page template

Our home pages includes a larger header including a banner and value proposition. We also feature links to top level categories and top selling products on your home page.


Our header includes navigation with top level categories or drop down menus / mega-menus as needed; and of course links to your shopping cart. We also recommend to include site search and account log in information when used. Some stores will benefit from the addition of a ‘hello bar’ to call out news or shipping info.


Our footers includes links to informational pages and customer support, we also recommend to include an email opt-in.

Collection page template

Our collection pages have product badges, pagination and sorting features. If you want advanced page filtering please select our add-on for Searchanise.

Search page template

Our standard search page includes pagination and sorting. 

Product page template

Our product pages include a related product section, product tabs and product variant select menus.

Cart page template

Our cart pages include checkout buttons above the cart. Shipping and delivery information and more as needed.

Generic text page

This page is used to create your returns, privacy policy, terms and conditions and really any page you need which is mostly text content focused.

About page template

The about page is where you tell the story of your brand focused on the value proposition. The why, what and how of the customer.

Custom pop up

Our custom theme include a pop used to collect email addresses and build your email list. We’ll integrate it with your email service provider. Meaning you don’t need a Shopify app pop up subscription.

Contact page template

Contact pages are a great place to show the legitimacy of your business, include phone numbers, addresses of physical offices and clear paths of contact to customer support staff.

Email integration

We will integrate Mailchimp/Klaviyo or other ESPs to your lead capture forms.

Save 20% of development fees with Zeplin

When handing over design files to our development team we use Zeplin. This saves around 20% in development time and costs which are handed over to you in our pricing. Zeplin allows the developer access to machine written CSS for all design elements. Meaning a lot of time efficiency when writing your CSS.

Robust browser & device testing

We take responsive design seriously and test your code base in all the modern browsers across common device types. We use BrowserStack for robust remote browser testing and device emulation.

Fast page load times as standard

Because we know page load times are really important. Fast loading themes come as standard.

SEO Ready

Our themes development process includes setting up all the meta tags as needed for on-page SEO best practices. We can also include rich snippets for reviews and other metadata as needed.