Craft a Strong SEO Title

by Giles ThomasLast updated on January 15, 2024

Shopify SEO Course ↗️ > Unit 4 > Lesson 3 > Craft a Strong SEO Title

Shopify allows you to customize the SEO title using the fields in the following section at the bottom of your page editor.


When you click on the Edit website SEO link, you will see your SEO Title, Meta Description, and URL fields.


The Page title will be the SEO title for your page. As shown, you can have up to 70 characters for your SEO title. This is the max number of characters that will be shown in search results for your page. Should you go over this number of characters, you will see what happens in the search engine listing preview.


In terms of search optimization, you still have achieved your goal of getting your main keywords first in the title, and only your business name is cut off. If having your business name in search results is important, you can modify your title to fit the 70 character limit.