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How it works

We find you influencers and celebrities with 1M+ followers.
The influencer publishes a post on their account with a giveaway. We giveaway cash and luxury prizes like Gucci products worth 10 to 20 thousands dollars.
For people to enter the giveaway they have to follow a list of 50 accounts. Your account is on that list.
Watch your account grow anywhere from 1 to 10 thousand followers depending on your chosen package in just one or two days. With active, real followers from your country that are targeted for your brand.
Results to expect
From 1k-10k followers per promotion
Instant credibility in your brands niche
Real followers that engage with you
70%-90% retention rate of followers
Guaranteed results
by Charlotte · 15k new followers in 2 weeks

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About Whole Design Studios

Founded in 2012 Whole Design Studios is a Shopify design & marketing agency. Focused on growing ecommerce businesses. We work with 100+ brands monthly. Our team of 35+ designers & marketers are experts in Shopify growth.

  • Productized services
  • Monthly cancel anytime, transparent pricing
  • Scalable plan tiers to grow with you
  • No hidden fees or hourly rates
  • Modern tooling and robust standard operating procedures
Your global agency

We are a fully remote business founded in London, UK. We work with brands from the US, Australia, UK, EU and more. Our team works from 10+ countries across the world and originates from the US, UK & EU.

Pricing + Current Loops


We don’t ask for your Instagram password, your account cannot get shadowbanned or blocked. Ourservice is compliant with the Instagram terms of service.


We guarantee the growth package you pay. If you don’t get the new followers promised, we’ll add you to another campaign for free.


Service and communication is what our clients love, that’s why we will provide you with a dedicated account manager no matter what size package you buy.

New Followers One-time Price
1k $449
2k $699
3k $975
4k $1,049
5k $1,199
6k $1,349
7k $1,499
8k $1,649
9k $1,849
10k $1,949

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  • Can I speak with someone before I purchase?

    If you have any questions about our services, want to make sure you purchase the right one or need help finding one that would be best for you, we can certainly help!

  • Can I speak to any of your past clients?

    Yes, we offer referrals introductions to brands on grow plan tiers or above.

  • Do you do all the work?

    Yes, this is a fully managed service. We simply need account access and sign off on work. We work with influencers and partners on campaigns too.

  • How do you charge?

    Our fees are based on a one time fee per giveaway.

  • Do you outsource any work?

    No, we never outsource and have intensive training and standard operating procedures.

  • What time zone are you in?

    We’re a remote business so time zones differ, our Instagram loop team is in the US, but as we only offer email support this is rarely an issue.

  • Can you give me an estimate ROI?

    Depends on the Influencer size and audience match.

  • Do you offer guarantees?

    We do offer growth guarantees for Instagram loops

  • Do I have to use a credit card?

    No, you can also pay via a bank transfer.

  • What should my budget be?

    Typical ecommerce businesses spend 10-15% of monthly gross revenue back into marketing.

  • Do you buy followers?

    No, absolutely not, we never have and will never buy followers, all followers are real and targeted.

  • Does the service come with phone or video chat support?

    Yes, larger plan tiers include phone support.

  • What tools do you use?

    We have our own tooling for loops.