What is CRO? CRO stands for conversion rate optimization, this is the process of optimizing your profits through analytics and user feedback.

Simply put it is about understanding why your website visitors aren’t buying and fixing it.

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Get a ConversionXL Certified CRO Expert from only $1999 per month

Many people think conversion rate optimization is the same thing as A/B testing. But A/B testing is actually only one step in a much more in-depth process. We start with a 3 month optimization plan, collect and analyse data and A/B test your website monthly.


Meet Your Expert

We’ll match you with the most relevant optimization expert in our team member for your business


Discuss your business objectives, goals KPI’s and targets. We’ll create custom proposal for you with the biggest growth opportunities we can find, including an ROI calculator.

Account Set Up & Start

We work on improving your conversion rate and profits monthly for 3 months.

Everything Managed For You

Your expert will perform all the tasks needed to optimize your conversion rates and profits. From data collection to analysis, A/B test implementation and reporting.

Weekly Updates & Monthly Reports

Forget about all those hours wasted in Google Analytics. We’ll track and report on all your key business metrics and report to you on your campaign results.

Transparent Pricing

Starting from just $1999/month you get access to your personal CRO expert, no hourly rates, no long term contracts and no hidden fees

Because we’re so focused on making you more money, we really care about your conversion rates and campaign ROI.

Our in-house CRO (conversion rate optimization) experts often work side by side with our ads experts to ensure we not only drive low CPC traffic to your site. But that those visitors convert into sales, CPA and profit are always at the heart of the work we do with paid marketing.

Haute Hijab

The hypothesis for this A/B test case study was to create a more in-depth homepage for new visitors and to increase new visitor revenue.

Our variation achieved a 14% increase in revenue.

And a 94.96% increase in revenue per visitor for new visitors (98% Confidence).

Choose A 3 Month Plan That Fits Your Ecommerce Business

Get started today and your personal CRO expert will email you for a kick off call, we’ll then get started growing your organic traffic the very next day.

CRO Team $ 2999 / MO CRO $ 1999 / MO
Google Analytics Audit & Set Up
Data Collection (see list of sources above)
Data Analysis
Conversion Report & A/B Test Roadmap Presentation
A/B test planning & wireframes
A/B test CRO implementation & quality assurance
A/B test reporting
A/B test design & development time 8 hours
30-minute calls or video chat consultation/support Up to two 30-minute calls Up to two 30-minute calls
Email Support Unlimited Unlimited

No hourly rates

No hidden fees

3 month plans

What does the 3 month plan include?

Month 1

  • Week 1: Google Analytics Audit
  • Week 2: Data Collection (see list of sources below)
  • Week 3: Data Analysis
  • Week 4: Conversion Report & A/B Test Roadmap Presentation

Month 2

  • Build A/B Test #1
  • Quality Assurance A/B Test #1
  • Run A/B Test #1
  • Reporting A/B Test #1

Month 3

  • Build A/B Test #2
  • Quality Assurance A/B Test #2
  • Run A/B Test #2
  • Reporting A/B Test #2
What data do you collect and analyse to inform A/B test hypotheses?

Data we collect and analyse to improve your conversions

Here is a list of the types of data we may collect and analyse from your business and ecommerce store.


  • Customer development interviews
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Heuristic analysis
  • User testing
  • Usability Evaluation
  • SEO analysis (onpage & keyword research)
  • Live chat
  • Customer service data


  • Analytics health checks & audits
  • Funnels & goal flows
  • Audience insights (segmentation/personalization research)
  • Mouse tracking data
  • Browser & device testing
  • Ring model
  • Content reports
  • Site search
What happens when I sign up?
You can get started with a 3 month retainer. You'll be introduced to your CRO expert and they will start optimizing your store. You can sign up at any time and your expert will start optimizing your store the next day.
Do you offer guarantees
We cannot offer guarantees, the same as any other respectable agency. If we could we’d all be sipping mai tai’s together.
How long will it take to get results?
With typical campaigns you can expect to see results in the first 3 months.
How do you charge?
Our fees are based on a monthly retainer. See pricing tables above.
Do you offer design & development services?
Yes, we can design and code your ecommerce changes to test. Choose from the Team or Team Plus plans.
Can we do in-house design & development?
Yes, we can optimize the website while you execute the changes.
What software do you use?
We primarily use Google Analytics, Hotjar, Olark & Convert.
Do you pay for the software?
No, but we do offer extended free trials with selected software partners.
Do we have to sign up for 3 months.
Yes, our minimum commitment is 3 months to ensure a positive ROI.
How much do your services cost?
Monthly retainers start from $1999.
Do I have to pay for design and development on top of the monthly retainer costs?
If you want 8 hours of design and development time included please choose the Team plan.
How much is unlimited design and development?
Unlimited services start from $3999 a month.
Can I speak with someone before I purchase?
If you have any questions about our services, want to make sure you purchase the right one, or need help finding one that would be best for you, we can certainly help!
Do I have to use a credit card?
No you can also use paypal, or a bank transfer for a one time project.

Want to sign up to multiple monthly services or simply to chat first? Call us on +44 (0)20 3808 2744 or email us at hello@wholedesignstudios.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.