Get More Shopify Sales On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Cyber Month Marketing Packages

⚡  More traffic and conversions for BFCM

Shopify merchants generated $2.9 Billion in global sales on Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2019. An increase of 63% from 2018

So if you’re not investing in Black Friday & Cyber Monday marketing, you're missing out on the biggest Shopify sales day of the year

Get a personal Shopify marketing expert that manages every part of your Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaigns from $749 USD

Our Shopify BFCM Process

We follow a 6 step process to grow your traffic and sales during BFCM

1. Onboarding - Follow our step by step kick-off email, once we have access we set up your accounts

2. Shopify Theme Optimization - We give you a free guide on how to optimize your theme for BFCM

3. Copy & Design - We write and design your email and ad campaigns for BFCM

4. Campaign Review - You review our campaign set up and sign off on your BFCM offers

5. Launch Campaigns - We then launch your campaigns for BFCM driving more traffic and sales to your store

6. Campaign Reporting - After BFCM we compile a detailed report showing you traffic, sales, revenue and profit for your store

How much should we invest?

We recommend an additional minimum of 50% from your current monthly spend. So if you’re spending $1000 per month now, invest at least $500 for the Black Friday Sale. That’s $1500 for an entire month.

How large should our discount be and which products should we put on sale?

The higher the discount, the better. But be very careful about your margins because it’s important that you are profitable with the sale. We recommend a minimum of 20% and up to 70%. Ideally, you can discount specific products lower and some higher depending on the margin. Afterward, we’ll use “Up to 70% Discounts” in the ads.

We recommend putting every product on sale. Also choosing a few products which we would highlight on the ads. It is recommended to check past data and see what products you sold in the past BF & CM period the most. Or at least what products were clicked on the most.

Do we use a discount code or flatoff discount on products?

The easiest way for customers is to simply orders the product which are discounted without remembering the code or having to type it in. So we recommend discounting all products. We can recommend apps for this.

Why you shouldn’t miss out on Black Friday?

Huge Sales

Some of our clients earned 3 months of revenue in just 1 day.

Lose Market Share

You can lose market share to competitors if you don’t participate in the Black Friday Sales because so many brands compete for exposure of new customers.

BFCM Growth

BFCM has growth from $1 billion in sales in 2017 to $2.9 billion in sales in 2019, be a part of the 2020 growth.

What do we need to get started?

We just need access to your Shopify store, Google Analytics, Facebook & Google ad accounts and email tool (Klaviyo/Mailchimp/Omnisend)

How long does it take to get set up?

Set up takes 2 weeks, so we advise to sign up early so you have time to review campaign carefully and prepare inventory.

Who do I work with?

You work directly with our head of ads Klemen and his team, for email marketing you work with our senior expert Bruce.

Do you do all the work?

Yes, this is a fully managed service. But we don't include Shopify store changes, we can quote extra for that.

Benefits of working with Whole.

Everything Managed For You

Your expert will perform all the tasks needed to manage successful BFCM campaigns. From accounts set up, copy, creative design, campaign launches and optimization, reporting and more. That way you can focus on your business.

Weekly Updates & Monthly Reports

Forget about all those hours wasted in analytics. We’ll track and report on all your key business metrics and send you a detailed BFCM report.

Transparent Pricing

Starting from just $749 USD, you get access to top ranked Shopify experts. No hourly rates, no long-term contracts and no hidden fees.

About Whole Design Studios

Founded in 2012 Whole Design Studios is a Shopify design & marketing agency. Focused on growing ecommerce businesses. We work with 100+ brands monthly. Our team of 35+ designers & marketers are experts in Shopify growth.

  • Productized services
  • Monthly cancel anytime, transparent pricing
  • Scalable plan tiers to grow with you
  • No hidden fees or hourly rates
  • Modern tooling and robust standard operating procedures
Your global agency

We are a fully remote business founded in London, UK. We work with brands from the US, Australia, UK, EU and more. Our team works from 10+ countries across the world and originates from the US, UK & EU.

Choose your BFCM package

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Pro Plan

$1049 / one-time

Black Week presale Yes
Black Friday Week campaign Yes
Facebook & Instagram ads design Yes
FB, IG, Messenger story ads Yes
Newsletter 2x
Black Week presale Yes
Black Friday Week campaign Yes
Facebook & Instagram ads design Yes
FB, IG, Messenger story ads Yes
Newsletter 4x
Website banner for BF week campaign Yes
Black Week presale Yes
Black Friday Week campaign Yes
Post Sale campaign Yes
Facebook & Instagram ads design Yes
FB, IG, Messenger story ads Yes
Newsletter 6x
Website banner for pre-sale, Black Friday & post sale Yes
Should I improve my conversion rates first?

If you want to improve your conversion rates and Shopify theme UX design before you start investing in more traffic, we’ve got you covered. We have a $99 website optimization review service for small businesses and monthly CRO services for stores with more than 1k transactions per month.

Learn more here

More questions?

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  • Do you offer guarantees?

    No we can't offer guarantees, marketing is not an exact science

  • Do we have to pay for ad spend on top of the service fees?

    Yes, you need to pay Facebook and Google directly on top of your management fees