[2016] The Best Shopify Apps For Rapid Ecommerce Growth

Last updated August 17, 2017


In this ever demanding and competitive e-commerce world, technology plays a vital role to make the business grow. E-commerce business has taken over the traditional way of doing business by scaling up the sale in various wide geographical locations. Apart from expanding the horizon along with profit margin, to be organized in e-commerce segment is very much important.

Shopify which a pioneer is for online and retail point sale makes the whole process easy and organized. The Shopify app store has a very large collection of useful apps which helps the online sellers to smoothly run their business. The shopify app store is updated regularly with new apps with new features. Some of the best shopify apps in 2016 made the sellers grow faster than ever before.

So if your an online marketing company or a store, check it out:

Why Shopify?

A shopify seller gets a number of advantage for using it. Listing down a few:

  • It is easily available and affordable.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • The user can have a complete grasp over the design to make it look engaging.
  • It is a platform for all small, medium, and large business.
  • It helps to manage and integrate multiple stores from a single ID.
  • It helps to track stock in an automated process with real-time inventory analytics.
  • Finally, it saves a lot of time and resources.

Shopify Apps

In addition to these useful features, shopify apps provide a new dimension to the growth of the sellers. Last year shopify was flooded with a number of apps which made the sellers using shopify app a player of the different league. A few of the best Shopify apps in 2016, which left a mark, are

  • Out of Stock App: The out of stock app helps the seller to notify its customer about the stock status of items. It helps to get a pre-order from the customer for out of stock items. This also helps the seller to avert loss due to a sudden rise in the demand of the product. The customers get notify once the out of stock items are back in stock increasing the revenue collection.
  • Yotpo Reviews: Yotpo review app collects and synchronizes the product reviews. It further asks the customer to rate the product to get the feedback. Review synchronization is very much important as they increase the sales by over 60 percent.
  • Xero: The Xero app is the app with overwhelming seller feedback for making accounting work easy. It maps real time cash flow and financial activities along with other features. It also created easy to map financial reports and invoices.
  • Referison: Revision app helps in promoting affiliate marketing. For a seller opting to increase his revenue referision makes it easy. The seller can create customized account for its affiliate marketers to make it product reach more customer. This also tracks the date to make perform effective analytics.
  • MacAfee Secure: This app helps to exhibit the security level of the seller’s website. The security screening process makes the customer feel safe and have confidence. With the trust shown by the customer increases the sale by about 25 percent.

With all these features and apps shopify is helping the sellers to create and establish their business in this competitive market with an added advantage. The best shopify apps in 2016 have further increased their revenue with more clarity in operating their business.

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